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Envato has been around a long time, since around the time I first started playing with HTML back in 2006 and over the past year they have decided like many companies that a subscription based service is the way forward with Envato Elements.

I wont go into the pros and cons of subscription based model, but recurring revenue is going to play a big part in businesses to survive over the coming years.

So, why am I writing about Envato Elements. Well, simply put – I have signed up (again)! It’s amazing, the quality of the work listed on there is awesome and whilst it’s template work – it means a cost saving to the client. I am always open, honest and upfront with clients to tell them that I use Envato Elements and if they’d prefer I didn’t, I create from scratch which has never happened!

I got an absolute steel at $19/mo when they celebrated their birthday a few weeks ago (belated returns) but even at $29/mo with the courses and photos too – seriously, if you’re in this field it needs to be considered!

Check it out!



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