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Some of you may know that I recently left a business that was thriving in the Divi community. I left this for personal reasons, mainly because I didn’t see my family much and it was taking over my life. When I realised that I couldn’t take the business to the next level, it was time to leave. I handed Noou over to Ben and I know that it’s in good hands – best of luck buddy!

I realised that the pressure of running a company and driving change forward meant that I no longer had the freedom to do as I wished. Noou started as a one man band, and at that time I could pick and choose who I wanted to work with and when I wanted to complete the work. Noou, over the last 5 years became bigger and bigger to the point that the plan/forecast for the business went from a pick and choose to a let’s take the next step. This is why i’ve decided to become a freelancer again, I love the world of web design and very much so Elegant Themes & their Divi theme. I get to pick and choose when I carry out work and choose who I work with – again.

For me this is a huge win, as time is of a premium but my love for the game is still there.

I suppose as they say in the retail world, this shops open for business.


Envato Elements

Envato Elements is a subscription based website offering “33,000+ inspiring, hand-crafted templates & assets.” for just $29/mo!

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Adding Slanted Overlay In Divi

Welcome to my very first blog post on my brand new website. Today I thought I would take a bit of time out to walk you through how to add the slanted overlay to any section within Divi.

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